The Marine Carbon System and Ocean Acidification During Phanerozoic Time

April 18, 2013

My PhD mentor, colleague, and dear friend, Fred Mackenzie and I, recently published a monograph on the marine carbon system and ocean acidification during Phanerozoic time. Download it for free at: We hope you will enjoy it!

Classes Winter Quarter 2013

December 20, 2012

SIO 119: Physics and Chemistry of the Ocean

This class will cover basic physical and chemical processes that influence the biology of the oceans such as ocean circulation, ocean acidification, and iron fertilization. MWF 2:00pm – 2:50pm.

Instructors: Sarah Gille & Andreas Andersson

SIO 143/269: Ocean Acidification

This course will cover the fundamentals of ocean acidification including the chemical background, past and future changes in ocean chemistry, biological and biogeochemical consequences including organism and ecosystem function, biodiversity, biomineralization, carbonate dissolution, and the cycling of carbon and nitrogen in the oceans. The course is open to graduate students and upper division undergraduate students. TTh 11:00am – 12:20pm.

Instructor: Andreas Andersson